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Why choose Elm Endodontics?

Why should you consider Elm Endodontics for your Root Canal and endodontic needs?

At Elm Endodontics, we specialize in providing exceptional root canal therapy, offering our patients compassionate care and advanced treatment options. With highly skilled staff dedicated to preserving your natural teeth and relieving discomfort, we prioritize your experience and well-being throughout every step of the process. Our state-of-the-art facility, cutting-edge technology and broad spectrum of educational and clinical experience ensure thorough diagnoses and targeted treatments. By choosing Elm Endodontics, you can trust that you're receiving the highest standard of care for your endodontic needs, tailored to your individual requirements. Experience the difference with Elm Endodontics – where your wellness is our priority. Take a few moments to browse our site and understand the services we can provide.

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Cone Beam

The use of CBCT in endodontics minimizes the risk of complications, improves treatment outcomes, and enhances diagnosis, especially in difficult cases. Use of this technology can assist in diagnosis and treatment planning and has helped us confirm or dismiss the need for endodontic treatment. Elevate care for your patients by considering Elm Endodontics, where advanced technology meets personalized, experienced care.


Dr. Shelley has made significant investment in using the highest quality microscope available to dentists. It is used from start to finish on every patient without exception. Digital photos are continually taken through the scope in order to communicate the details of each case with you. There is also an assistant scope that allows the assistant to actively participate in delivering high quality care, which results in an improved experience for your patient.


Dr. Shelley restores many cases after root canal treatment in order to ensure an adequate seal and prevent leakage frequently seen with temporary materials. Access restorations, orifice barriers, posts, and build-ups, especially in difficult to restore cases, are all provided. Visit our page on Bioclear and biomimetic restorative approaches to learn more. In cases where it makes more sense for the restoration to be done in your office, the tooth receives a traditional temporary.  You may let us know if you would like a restoration or no restoration.

Enhanced Irrigation

We routinely use the Fotona LightWalker laser, which imparts energy to the root canal cleaning irrigants in a way that eliminates infected tissues and biofilms, while preserving healthy tooth structure. Use of the laser offers additional benefits like photobiomodulation that enhance your patients' comfort. The results ultimately improve the short-term and long-term outcome and experience for your patient.


Dr. Shelley makes use of a variety of technologies that improve care to patients.

Our delivery system is equipped with two ultrasonic units. Ultrasonics are useful in removing pulp stones, conservatively removing tooth structure, locating hard to find canals, removing posts, and for cleaning the tooth. Having two units allows us to have multiple options immediately at hand so that no compromises are made. This makes for thorough treatment without the sacrifice of a longer appointment.

Digital phosphor plates are used for radiographs which means the advantage of digital but with the comfort of traditional films.

We are dedicated to continuously advancing our care and outcomes. To this end, we actively explore and integrate the latest innovations in techniques and materials. Stay tuned for the most recent updates and insights into how we're enhancing endodontic care.

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Elm Endodontics stands at the forefront of endodontic and orofacial care, offering treatments enhanced with technologies like lasers, microscopes, 3D imaging, and advanced restorative techniques to save broken down teeth. Our commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction means your patient receives personalized, cutting-edge care in a welcoming environment with private rooms. We're not just a root canal mill; We care about your patients' wellness - how they feel, how they look, and how they live.

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