Natalie Dixon
2 weeks ago
I had to get a root canal retreatment (original root canal was done by some dentist in Lakewood) and I was referred to dr Shelley for the retreatment. The experience was extremely comforting. Dr. Shelley has a very calming energy which is something I needed as I was pretty anxious and in pain. Everyone else is very nice as well and the woman who was working at the front desk is very kind and helpful! Super awesome job all around.
Dave Allison
8 months ago
I've gotten two root canals done by Dr. Shelley. He did a great job and was very professional. The staff is nice and helpful. I would definitely go here again, but hopefully I never need his services again.
patty shokrani
a year ago
Dr. Shelley has been my treating physician on 2 dental emergency occasions. When I discovered Elm Endodontics office was no longer in network, I never hesitated to be treated a 3rd time as his approach is reassuringly professionally calm while his remaining staff continue back office sanitation. Front office both assists with any insurance questions as well as ensuring the patient incurs no hidden charges. Referrals are also quite excellent for medically complex patients. Enjoy being treated by the physician instead of a multitude of technicians.
Karen Layman
a year ago
I had a very good experience with Dr. Shelley. I was experiencing pain in one of my molars and my dentist fitted me for a new crown thinking that would probably take care of the situation. Two days later I was in horrible pain and was referred to Dr. Shelley for a root canal. He took me right in and two hours later I was on my way home feeling much better. His office was very nice and accommodating. I will definitely use him again if I should ever have another one. I might add his shots in my mouth were very gentle.
Sheila Gebhardt
11 months ago
I was referred to Dr. Shelly and his team by my dentist, following a sports accident. It was a pretty traumatic experience, breaking my front tooth in half, and expecting that I would need some pretty serious procedures carried out. Dr. Shelly reviewed my situation, wasn't quick to jump into actions that might not even be necessary, and he was able to repair my tooth, make me feel calm during the procedure, and I couldn't be happier. This was my first endodontic experience, and with Lisa, Paula, and Dr. Shelly as my team, I had to share how amazing they are.

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